Secondary Packaging

Our range of secondary packaging machines is designed to elevate your packaging process to the next level, focusing on branding, bundling, CFC packing, and palletizing.

These machines are meticulously crafted to ensure a streamlined and efficient workflow in the latter stages of the packaging process.

Here is an overview of the Secondary Packaging Machines we provide:

  • Labelling Machine
    Ensures accurate, centered and professional labeling for product identification.
  • Shrink Sleeve Applicator
    Precisely applies shrink sleeves for secure and visually appealing packaging.
  • Carton Erector
    Automates the process of erecting cartons, improving efficiency.
  • Shrink Sleeve Bundling System
    Bundles products securely using shrink sleeves for enhanced storage & transportation.
  • Case Packer
    Automates the packing of products into cases, optimizing the packaging line increasing throughput speed.
  • Carton Sealing Machine
    Seals cartons securely, ensuring product integrity during transportation.
  • Box Strapping Machine
    Efficiently applies straps to secure boxes, enhancing packaging stability.
  • CFC Gross Weighing
    Provides accurate and automated weighing for precise packaging.
  • Batch Coding
    Enables the application of batch codes for traceability and quality control.
  • Palletization
    Automates the process of palletizing, improving the efficiency of large-scale packaging.
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping
    Ensures secure wrapping of pallets for stability during transportation.
  • Forwarding to Automated Storage & Retrieval System
    Integrates seamlessly with storage systems for efficient warehouse management.

Our Secondary Packaging Machines are designed to complement and enhance the overall packaging process, providing precision, reliability, and efficiency in branding, bundling, and preparing products for distribution.

Our Products

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