Pre Primary Packaging

Our pre-primary packaging machines are a crucial component of our end-to-end packaging solutions, focusing on preparing products for the primary packaging stage. This phase involves a series of specialized machines designed to handle key processes, ensuring a clean and efficient starting point for subsequent packaging steps.

The Pre-Primary Packaging Machines Include:

  • De-palletizer
    Efficiently handles the unpacking of Containers/ Bottles from pallets.
  • Unscrambler
    Organizes and arranges Bottles in upright position for streamlined processing & Filling.
  • Turntable
    Facilitates the rotation and positioning of items for optimal handling.
  • Unstable bottle puck loading
    Ensures the stable loading of bottles onto the packaging line to prevent toppling of the bottles due to them being light weight or irregular in shape.
  • Inverting, Vacuum, Ionized, and Filtered Sterile Air-jet cleaning
    This cleaning process ensures there is zero dust, dirt or debris in the bottle before filling to ensure a hygenic product.
  • Bottle washing and drying
    Ensures cleanliness and removes any contaminants from the bottles.
  • UV sterilization
    Utilizes ultraviolet light to sterilize and sanitize bottles.
  • Pre-Heating/ Hot Air Purging Gun
    EPrepares bottles/containers for subsequent processes by applying heat.
  • Steam Purging
    Utilizes steam to eliminate contaminants and prepare products for packaging.

This comprehensive set of pre-primary packaging machines lays the foundation for a seamless and efficient packaging process, ensuring that products are in an optimal state before moving on to the primary packaging stage.

We can create a customized mix of the mentioned machines to meet your unique packaging needs. Considering the specific features of your containers and the products being filled and packed, we ensure a finely tuned solution. This approach is tailored to seamlessly align with your production requirements, delivering an efficient, economical and personalized packaging system designed to your specifications.

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