Rotary Capping Machine

The rotary screw capping machine is a unique all geared drive transmission from single head up-to 16 heads ranging speeds from 20 BPM to 250 BPM.

The machine also comes with standard features like container interchangeability with easy size change parts, quick change over, minimum downtime and is highly operator friendly.

  • CGMP & Compact Model
  • Single motor synchronizes input/ output star wheels and centre turret wheel with variable speed on the control panel.
  • Rotating jaw head with magnetic slip clutch for varied torque to suit different gauges and sizes of screw caps, for the cap & bottle tightened closing requirement.
  • Pick and place system for perfect thread locking and avoiding taper capping.
  • No Bottle-No cap, no cap-Machine stop, Outfeed Jam-Machine stop are safety Interlocks of the machine.

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