Inverting Container Cleaner

The PLC-controlled Servo driven Inverting Bottle Cleaning machine features a touch screen HMI and utilizes stop-hold-invert linear automation to clean containers.

The bottles are Inverted and purged with high pressure filtered sterile ionized air to remove any dust and dirt that is stuck to the inner walls of the container.

The machine features easy container interchangeability with minimum size change parts, quick change over, minimum downtime which makes it highly operator friendly.

  • Servo operated precise inversion of container
  • Lonised Air Purging for removal of static dust
  • Air filtration system for clean & sterile air purging
  • Extra buffer spaces for quick in-feed and out-feed for maintaining smooth & high line speed
  • Dust Extraction System for collection of removed dust
  • Single row and double row options for multiple containers each as per the line speed
  • No bottle Machine stop

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