Automatic Pickle Filling Line

The Pickle Filling Machine is a high precision filler meant to dispense pickles into bottles or pouches. The entire operation is clean and untouched.

  • Can pack from 100 Gms to 1 kg with a single stroke.
  • Easy and quick changeover from one size to another.
  • Specially designed cut off and drip free nozzle to place pickle pieces into bottle.
  • Precision valve body suited to handle all varieties of pickles.
  • Oil dosing for pickle preservation.
  • Pickle transfer pump to load pickle from ground level to machine hopper.
  • Ramming device to remove entrapped air by ramming the pickle in 4 different vertical axes.
  • Stirrer in the hopper.
  • Designed to GMP standards.
  • Optional accessones like turn-table, air jet/vacuum bottle cleaning system, UV bottle sterilizing tunnel, nitrogen flushing, lug capping unit, can be integrated with the line.

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