Automatic Granule Filling Machine

The Granule Filling Machine is a 6-head telescopic cup filling machine, meant for accurate dispensing of granular products into consumer packs like Poly bags, bottles etc. The operation is neat and o highly sterile operation.

  • Packs from 10 gms to 10kgs, with size parts.
  • Various grammages and bulk densities, without size parts, using multi-drops and a combination of an electronic counter/clutch- brake and High-resolution telescopic cups.
  • Special soft scrapers for no product damage.
  • Long and effective compression chute ensures the cups are properly filled at high speeds with accuracy.
  • Falling disc type false bottom for no product damage.
  • Variants available include SS/MS construction, 6/3 cups, and with/without clutch-brake and electronic counter.
  • Designed for GMP and non-GMP products.

Products that can be filled include seeds, rice, pulses, tea, coffee, chocolate granules, salt, granular pesticides etc.

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