Automatic Pick Fill & Seal Machine

The automatic pick fill and seal machines with linear automation is unique with respect to pouch interchange-ability with minimum size parts, quick change over, minimum down time and is highly operator friendly.

  • Complete manufacture in stainless steel for food industry.
  • Advanced PLC control system combined with 5.7" touch screen control panel.
  • Easily set and change packaging parameters.
  • Display production data and self-diagnostic machine error can be viewed directly from the screen.
  • Fully pneumatic operating system, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Integration in existing packing line.
Pouch Size
Width 100-250 mm
Length 150-330 mm
Fill Weight Max.2000g
Bag Type Standup-pouches, Flat Pouches Zipper Bag
Speed 8-15 Bag/min 6-12 Bag/min
Voltage 220V/1 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Power 2KW
Air Consumption 300/ min
Optional Dosing Device
  • Auger screw filling (Powder filling)
  • Volumetric Cup Filler or Multi heads weigher (for granule)
  • Piston pump (For liquid and Viscous).
Packing Process
  • 1. Bag Picking-up
  • 2. Positioning Bag to the filling station
  • 3. Open Bag
  • 4. Product Filling (Filling device is an option)
  • 5. Bag Sealing
  • 6. Bag Outfeed

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